Here are some FAQ's about CECs and Re-Certifications.

What is a CEC?

CEC's are Continuing Education Credits. 1 hour of fitness or nutrition training or course is equivalent to 0.1 CEC

Where can I obtain CECs?

  • Front Desk Education & Support has many options for CECs. Click HERE and scroll down to "Passes" and you will begin to "CEC:" options.
  • FIT4MOM Live Trainings are always a great way to earn CECs and connect with other instructors. Click HERE for the live trainings that are open for registration. Or, click HERE to search by location.
  • You can also obtain CECs from other agencies, like ACE or AFAA, but make sure the courses you are taking are centered around fitness, nutrition, or pre/postnatal education.

How many CECs can I receive by completing FIT4MOM Instructor Certifications and Trainings?

  • Online Stroller Strides Instructor Certification - 0.3 CECs
  • Stroller Strides/Fit4Baby Instructor Certification - 1.0 CECs
  • Body Back Instructor Certification - 1.0 CECs
  • Stroller Barre Instructor Certification - 0.7 CECs
  • Stroller Strides Enhanced Training - 0.8 CECs
  • Body Back Enhanced Training - 0.8 CECs
  • GRIP Retreat - 0.8 CECs

Why does FIT4MOM require annual recertifications for all instructors?

FIT4MOM strives to have the most knowledgeable and well trained/credible instructor team possible leading our classes! We require all teaching instructors to earn at least 10 hours of continuing education credits (1.0 CECs) each year in order to stay up to date on new information, expand their range of knowledge and meet the industry standards for fitness professionals. Compliance with this certification program is critical in protecting Franchisees and Instructors from liability due to negligence and credibility of the FIT4MOM brand.

Who needs to recertify through FIT4MOM?

“I only sub once and awhile, do I need to recertify?”

“I have my Group Fitness or Personal Training Certification, do I need to recertify?”

“I am a Franchise Owner and I teach classes, do I need to recertify?”

The answer to all these questions is YES! Everyone who teaches ANY FIT4MOM classes (even as a sub) must be up to date on their certifications for all programs they are teaching.

When do I need to recertify?

“I took my training last year, do I have to recertify this year?”

“I recertified last year, do I have to recertify again this year?”

All FIT4MOM instructors must recertify for each program they are teaching EVERY YEAR. Your recertification pass must be purchased before your current certification expires. Your expiration date typically corresponds to your original certification date, but check your most recent certificate or Front Desk profile to verify.

Is there a penalty if I let my certification expire?

Yes, there will be a $99 Reinstatement Fee assessed on all expired certifications. This fee will be in addition to the $25 Re-Certification Fee and the completion of 1.0 CECs.

How many courses do I need to recertify in?

You must purchase a separate ($25) re-certification pass for each FIT4MOM program you are certified to teach in. Your same 1.0 CECs can be used for ALL of your re-certifications in a given year, but individual passes must be purchased for each program.

Can I use CEU’s from ACE, AFAA or another agency to re-certify my FIT4MOM Certifications?

Yes! As long as the CEC/CEU course is centered around fitness, nutrition, or pre/postnatal education and from a reputable agency which has been approved by FIT4MOM. To receive credit for these CECs you will need to use the "Photos" button in your Front Desk Education & Support account to upload images of your CEC/CEU's completed outside FIT4MOM.

Where is the Annual Re-Certification Pass?

In Front Desk Education & Support under the tab “2015 Live Conference / Online Courses / CECs / Instructor Network Membership”. Or you can follow the links below:

Annual Stroller Strides Instructor Re-Certification

Annual Stroller Strides/Fit4Baby Instructor Re-Certification

Annual Body Back Instructor Re-Certification

Annual Stroller Barre Instructor Re-Certification

Can extra CECs be carried over from one year to the next?

No. In order for our instructors to stay current and up to date with fitness & nutrition, CECs must be completed in the 12 months prior to the re-certification.

I only sub teach occasionally. Do I still need to re-certify?

Yes, all instructors must have their certifications and re-certification up to date in order to be teaching any FIT4MOM class. If your certification is currently expired you are not certified to teach.

Will I receive a certificate when I re-certify?

No you will not automatically receive a FIT4MOM certificate when you re-certify.

How will I prove to my franchisee that my certification has been renewed?

When your re-certification is completed a Certification Plan will be loaded onto your Education Front Desk account and a receipt will be emailed to you. That receipt should be forwarded to your franchisee as your proof of continued certification. The receipt can be re-emailed at anytime from your Front Desk account.

What if I need a certificate showing my certification dates?

If you need or would like to have a FIT4MOM certificate issued, you can purchase this option in Front Desk for $5.00/certificate.

Why is my CEC Pass that I purchased say it is “Inactive” or “Cancelled”

Once a CEC Course or Training has been sent or completed, we move the pass to “Inactive”. You will still receive CECs and credit for this plan or pass.

Where can I view my certificate dates in Front Desk?

The Education Team is working to add your certification pass which will show your expiration date. If you believe you are current and do not have a pass showing your expiration date, please contact education@fit4mom.com for assistance.

Does Corporate keep a copy of my Certificate?

Corporate does not keep copies of instructor certificates, only the date of certification. If you would like to keep a copy in your Front Desk profile, you can upload it into your “Photos” section in your profile.* If you need a new copy because you have misplaced your certificate, you can purchase another copy in Front Desk under “Re-Certification: (certificate type) Certificate” for $5.00.

*Login to your account>Click Photos under History>Click Add Photo

If I completed my FIT4MOM Certification this year, do I still need 1.0 CECs when I recertify?

If you have completed SS/F4B or Body Back Training within the last year before your re-certification, those courses have fulfilled your requirement for that certification year. You will only need to purchase the $25 Annual Instructor Re-Certification pass in Front Desk.

How do I prove that I have completed courses outside of FIT4MOM?

You can now upload a picture of your certificate of completion from an outside agency into your “Photos” section of your Front Desk profile. Because this is a new practice, please email cert@fit4mom.com letting us know that you have uploaded your certificates into your profile.

Re-Certification Example:

Jane Doe takes her Stroller Strides & Fit4Baby Certification course on May 1st, 2013. She passes her exam and has earned the 1.0 CEC’s she needs for the year. Before May 1, 2014 she must log onto her Front Desk Education & Support to purchase her Annual Stroller Strides & Fit4Baby Re-Certification Pass for $39. After she purchases her pass she will email cert@fit4mom.com to tell them that her SS/F4B Certification course on May 1, 2013 earned her the 1.0 CECs that she needs for recertification. Between May 1, 2014 and May 1, 2015 Jane will need to complete another 1.0 CECs in order to purchase her next Re-Certification Pass and stay current.

For More information on Re-Certifications