Stroller Barre Instructor Certification

The Stroller Barre class style pulls from ballet, pilates, barre methods and incorporates pre & postnatal training. We have designed this new format with a former professional ballerina and mom, to give your clients amazing results and an incredible new workout. The method has an intense and isometric emphasis, combining movements to overload overall musculature. You can incorporate these exercises into your current classes or offer them as a brand new class option. Keep your program fresh and fun with Stroller Barre!

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of the Stroller Barre concept
  • Pre and postnatal fitness prescriptions
  • Movement descriptions and practice
  • Science behind the effectiveness of this mode of movement
  • How to teach it with a stroller and a complete class experience
  • Online exam and certificate

CEC's: 0.7 F4M

Available to Franchisees and Certified Stroller Strides Instructors* invited by a Franchisee

*Current Stroller Strides Certification required to attend this course.


  • $249